Lavonte David discusses Jameis Winston’s “eat a W” speech


Many shook their heads when witnessing former Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston‘s notorious “eat a W” pregame speech. Among those who shook their heads were Winston’s teammates.

“I was right in the heart of it,” linebacker Lavonte David told, via “My boy Jameis, he’s a very, very, very energetic, animated guy. That was just something that he thought up off the top of his head. And he came out with it and it was weird, man. It was weird, honestly. He knows it was weird. Everybody wasn’t really thrilled with it for a hype-up speech, but unfortunately, that’s going to follow my guy Jameis for his whole career.”

The speech happened in New Orleans, before a 2017 game against the Saints. Tampa Bay lost the game, 30-10.

“He meant well by it,” David said. “But that particular thing didn’t go over well with the rest of the team, and the outcome of that game kind of proved it. It definitely was something that kind of caught me off guard. I was kind of like, ‘What?’ It is what it is, though. We all love Jameis. He meant well. He’s a great competitor, but unfortunately, that’s going to follow him for a long time.”

Winston spent five years with the Buccaneers. He signed with the Saints in 2020, and he signed another one-year deal to stay in New Orleans for 2021.

Last year, Winston’s Saints ate a pair of regular-season W’s against the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay, however, ate the one W that mattered most, in the playoffs.